Olivia Starr was born in a family of busy people. Her dad owned a small bakery and a tiny grocery shop in Maryland. Her mom was always busy helping her husband with his business. As it commonly happens in the families of small entrepreneurs, Olivia was growing up with less than ideal eating habits. Most of the time she had to cook for herself and her youngest brother, and it was not too easy for a 10-year-old girl. Luckily she liked cooking. One day she has occasionally read a small booklet with a recipe of homemade pot-roast with root vegetables. Fortunately, there were enough ingredients in her fridge, so she gave it a try. What a surprise for her parents was that! This evening her family has had the dinner of the year!

Olivia was inspired by her success, and she wanted to cook more and more. She asked her dad to buy a few culinary and dieting books. We can’t tell you how happy he was about his daughter’s new hobby! He has been purchasing all the culinary books she wanted ever since.

Her parents have had serious overweight issues before that year. But the 11-year-old girl learned a lot from these books. Soon she started giving dieting advice to her parents and they’ve lost quite a few pounds within the next couple months.

Today Olivia is a happy wife and a mother of a 2-year-old toddler. Her hobby helped her to succeed and to avoid her parents’ mistakes. She has never had overweight problems, and she helped hundreds of people to drop weight and to switch their lifestyle to a healthy mode. It is a giant step to improve the life and to become happy, so she really wants to share her ideas with humanity. Olivia is also fond of travelling, coaching, and writing.